The trophy for the World Championships of Public Speaking comes to Australia for only the second time.

Testimonial – Jim Key World Champion 2003

A Speaker who Exudes Joy— Mark Hunter

Mark has what I call “a high likability factor”. The man simply exudes joy. Mark demonstrated clearly in Phoenix, the way you respond to results that weren’t your goal and the manner in which you carry yourself matters. It says a lot about your true character.

Nobody likes it when people use the negative things that they’ve experienced as a crutch. Instead, we love people like Mark Hunter. I mentioned earlier that he is a paraplegic. Over 30 years ago a water-skiing accident paralyzed him, leaving him wheelchair-bound.”Well, Jim…certainly such a person would be limited in being able to move around and use the stage as part of a speech…right?” Wrong. You need to see Mark Hunter speak. He acknowledges it (it’s not like we didn’t know he was in a wheelchair) with some of the most elegant self-deprecating humor I’ve ever seen. But not only was his level and mode of mobility not a detriment, he used it masterfully. Mark shows clearly how to use the tools that you have. Don’t be ashamed of them, and don’t apologize for them. Turn them into strengths, and wield them with power. Mark does this ‘eloquently’.

The other thing Mark had was that special something; the sparkle in the eye, the energy, the confidence…the joy. I’m not sure how to fully describe it, but I know it when I see it, and Mark has it, in abundance.

Jim Key—World Champion of Public Speaking 2003