Testimonial – Mark as Personal Coach

A Good Coach is Vital

I have been working with Mark as my project mentor and coach for several months.

I began my sessions with Mark in a time that my international aid project was not going   the way I expected and it seemed to be going off the track, Mark has been invaluable with providing me tools, support and motivation to achieve more and remain more focused in the project as well as change and manage my personal life better.

With Mark’s experience I was able to be more clear about my vision and my long term goals and break it down to short term goals keeping myself focused and not being distracted by insignificant tasks that used to consume my time.

Marks’ honest and immediate feedback and his ability to identify problems that were lying under the surface helped me to overcome obstacles and discover ways to go around them…

The frame work that he structured for our work together and him making me accountable for every action that I committed to, helped me combat my tendency to postpone things, allowing me to be more productive and to get things done!

Through the sessions with Mark I have discovered the importance role a coach can play in my personal life, to be able to set goals and achieve more and beyond my capabilities.

As a coach, Mark has helped me to observe situations from a different point of view, which taught me a lot about my self

I am very grateful for Mark for his insights and his help to get the most out of myself and help me clear my vision of what I want to achieve and how to achieve it.

I have no doubt that through out the sessions with Mark I have realized that like an elite athlete if you want to achieve more and get the full potential out of yourself, a good coach around you is vital and would play an integral part in your success.. AK 2009