Coaching in Schools

Coaching in Schools

Mark has been a school principal for 30 years. He brings this wealth of personal and professional experience to the concept of developing the Coaching School.

He has successfully coached leaders for promotion,and has provide coaching services to school leaders in rural and isolated school around the state.

A significant amount of literature is being written on effective professional development in schools. It is now recognized that the one off, event based professional development program, has little or no chance of bringing about behavioural change. Coaching has many benefits, one of which is the bringing about of change in habits. The program below acknowledges this by providing a comprehensive process which informs, brings about understanding, and includes practice and feedback, and the experience, of coaching.

Ongoing commitment is given to support the organization after the delivery of the program. This means that the consultant can be contacted by any participant of the full program, by phone or email to request feedback or support as the coaching program is implemented.

The development of a coaching organization is best achieved through:

  • The delivery of the “Nature of Coaching” along with;
  • The delivery of the three sessions on “Skills Training in Coaching”



M.Ed., B.Ed., Cert. Coach., World Champion of Public Speaking 2009, School Principal (30 years)

This program is for schools who want to introduce a coaching culture which has as its primary goal, the development of teacher performance.


The program provides a school community with the following:

  1. A presentation to the whole staff of the school which introduces the concept of a Coaching School, what coaching is, and what coaching can do to develop performance.
  2. A series of three 3 hour training sessions for the identified coaches. These sessions are delivered over a 3-4 week period with time to practise the skills base of coaching between the sessions. These sessions are limited to a maximum of 12 participants to ensure maximum competency development.
  3. Follow up.
    1. After the program has been implemented in a school, the presenter is available to provide feedback to the coaches, and provide a follow up session for the whole school community.


  1. Participants are provided with workbooks that identify and explain the skill base that underpins successful coaching, and lists the ‘homeplay’ to be completed between sessions
  2. Coach and Teacher Books for the school to use in the implementation


FEE -  Please contact Mark

For QASSP members the fee is as advertised through QASSP


Mark Hunter was a school principal for 35 years. He trained as a coach in 2001, and has implemented coaching into a number of his schools. He has worked intensively with private and state schools to introduce the Coaching School Concept, and has written and published articles on coaching in state and national principal publications. He has successfully coached many individual school leaders seeking promotion, and provided training in coaching to hundreds of school leaders in Queensland. While coaching in schools has fast become the catch word of the last two or three years, Mark has been a practitioner and trainer in this area for nearly 10 years. Mark has also presented at many conferences both here and overseas, and in 2009 he became the World Champion of Public Speaking, a title which means he is able to make his presentations, educational, effective, engaging and entertaining. Mark has delivered his program in both urban and rural and remote schools. For schools rural and isolated areas, the program can be presented in different formats that address the tyranny of distance.

Mark is also available to present programs for school leaders in public speaking and presentation skills. This can be done in clusters of schools with the planned outcomes of writing and speaking as an effective leader.

Website:   Email:  Mobile 0409818878


Comment on Mark’s Program

Mark has been committed to creating a staff coaching program in our school. This program is regarded as an essential underpinning to our desire to foster a professional learning community. Mark Hunter’s role in the success of this program cannot be understated. His passion for the practice of coaching in schools; his knowledge of the skills required; his ability to enthuse, as well as equip, others with these skills; and his vision for creating learning communities have ensured a measurable outcome to the teaching culture at our school.



Session One: Whole School (30-60 minutes)

Introduction to Coaching

This session is designed to  provide members of the organization and its leaders with an understanding of what coaching is and how it can be implemented. It will contain modelled coaching sessions with volunteers as part of the learning experience. It covers the following:

  • The Nature of Coaching
  • Its comparison with training, mentoring, consultancies and counseling
  • How coaching is different to other forms of Professional Development?
  • The links between Coaching and research based definition of effective professional development (McRel)
  • Basic skill requirements of a good coach
  • How coaching works
  • The process of Coaching

Number of Participants

  • This program can be delivered to a large group. However, please note the “Skills Trainings in Coaching” program can be delivered to 10 participants at a time.

Session Two: Coaches (2-3 hours)

This program develops within participants the skills which form the basis of a coaching conversation. The program provides instruction on the skills, time for practice and the provision of feedback on the attainment of these skills.

The following skills/knowledge are incorporated into this package:

  • Review of the Nature of Coaching
  • Coaching in a school context
  • Describing Coaching and its role in the organization
  • The use of strategic planning in the CREATE Model (Results Coaching) – and GROW Model (Whitmore)
  • Introduction of the skill base that underpins effective coaching
  • Participant practice of initial skills.
  • Feedback

Time allocations for this program

  • This program takes three sessions of two hours each with 10 participants. Participants are asked to practise skills between the sessions.

Number of Participants

  • A maximum of 10 participants for sessions 2-4 – This allows for intensive modelling, practice and feedback to each participant.


The programme involves participant coaches undergoing ‘homeplay’ of the skills  share in each of the sessions (2-4)

Session Three: Coaches (2-3 hours)

The following skills/knowledge are incorporated into this package:

  • Review of Homeplay
  • Development of the skill base that underpins effective coaching
  • Using Being present in a coaching conversation including being aware of the positional locations in which we place ourselves during coaching conversations; ie managing self.
  • Placement
  • Coaching conversations – being succinct and specific and incorporating acknowledgment.
  • Generating understanding and creating awareness
  • The focus of coaching conversations. Keeping the focus on vision and planning
  • The managing the coaching process
  • Effective listening – listening with an edge
  • Qualities of a good goal and good actions
  • Effective Questioning skills.
  • Participant practice of skills
  • Feedback

Session Four (Coaches (2-3 hours)

The following skills/knowledge are incorporated into this package:

  • Review of Homeplay
  • The flow chart for a coaching conversation
  • Participant practice of a full coaching conversation
  • Participant feedback of performance
  • How coaching can be introduced into a school setting
  • Review of the coaching booklets available for the school to use.
  • Issue Management


 The Coaching Experience (Additional Option)

This program offers one on one coaching on a career and/or professional goal. The linking of this program to the others helps participants understand and ‘feel’ coaching. It is proven to contribute significantly to a participant’s capacity to internalize and ultimately use coaching skills. This option is not included in the fee as above. As this service is outsourced, it will incur a fee of between $600.00 to $800.00 per person.

Time Allocations for this Program

  • Each participant will receive four coaching session on a goal. The first session will be face to face and will take up to 45 minutes, with the following three session conducted by telephone. These sessions will take from 30 to 45 minutes. They can be done from the home as long as there is a suitably quiet environment.


Personal Coaching

  • Individual coaching is available for school leaders
  • Goals established during these sessions focus on achieving improved outcomes for the organization
  • Goals set are stretch goals which are measurable, appropriate and focused on the primary roles and responsibilities of the leader.