Are you interested in having mark deliver a MASTER CLASS in your area? If so read on………

The program is limited to 10 participants .

Each Participant must have a presentation/speech/keynote at a  well developed stage, which will be used throughout the class.

Principles underpinning this day are as follows:

Each participant commits to gaining the best from the day.

Each participant commits to supporting the other participants to gain the best from the day.

The small group allows for optimal outcomes for participants.

The day is highly interactive and participative.

The program will cover the following:

  1. Detailed and multiple episodes of practice and feedback through the day on particpants’ presentations
  2. Theory input on:
    1. Creating a Presentation that works for an Audience
    2. Building Audience Rapport at Multiple Levels
    3. Authenticity and the Speaker
    4. Understanding what an Audience Wants
    5. Achieving your General and Specific Purpose.
    6. Ensuring Success through Forward Planning.
    7. Handling the Impromptu Situation in your Presentation

There is a limit of 10 participants

  1. Your place is confirmed on receipt of payment
  2. Payment is made through the Paypal logo on the home page
  3. On payment, please email Mark immediately ( ) the following under the Subject “Master Class”
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Email Address for Correspondence
    4. Phone Number
  4. Payment includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch and coffee tea, materials
  5. Should you be unable to attend, your booking is transferable. Your replacement needs to have a speech/presentation/keynote at a well developed stage.
  6. Should the Masterclass be full (see above for number of spaces available) , please send Mark your details,and you will be contacted for the next class.

If you would like to investigate having such a class run in your area, email Mark