Below is a short list of speeches Mark Hunter has given that have been so well received by the audience they have won award, including the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2009. Mark has been writing and giving speeches for years, and this is a sign of how appreciated he is by his industry contemporaries. Giving speeches is a difficult job if you don’t put the work in, and Mark offers training and advice whether at speaking events or by email.

His speeches are interesting from the off – using unconventional, intriguing titles is all part and parcel of ensuring the speaker is addressing a captive, curious audience. Of course,  good speakers are becoming a rare commodity, and their skills are ever more in demand. Speeches have to be informative, detailed and of course, must flow from one subject to another – a bit of humour never goes amiss, either. For more information on Mark’s award-winning speeches, see the list below.

1. Stuck in a Coconut. This speech was used in the 2001 World Championships. Since then it has under gone many iterations, and was used successfully in the 2007 District 69 International Speech Competition. It was also used successfully to win the International Semi Final Speech Contest in Connecticut in 2009

2.   Sink Full of Green Tomatoes. The winning speech for the 2009 World Championships.

3. The Voice of the Bonsai. This speech was used in Washington 2001, and gained Mark 2nd place in the  International Semi Final Speech Contest.

4. Face to Face, Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart. This speech won Mark 3rd Place in the World Championships in 2001.