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Public Speaking and Presentation Skill Development

for the

Corporate/Executive Sector.


Mark has presented keynotes, training and workshops on both Leadership and Communication around the world for academics, the Corporate Sector, Governments, and for Not for Profit Organizations. He has been a leader of many organizations. He has coached speakers from around the world and continues to do so.

The following services are designed to develop communication and presentation skills within those with whom Mark works. As this skill set is essentially linked with leadership Mark’s programs, which are tailored to meet individual needs or the needs of a group, will develop the participant’s capacity to be a more effective leader.



Do you want to:

Achieve impact with your presentations?

Raise your confidence and competence as a communicator?

Increase your profile within the organization?

Connect effectively with credibility and energy?

Implant the science and art of coaching into your leadership style?

Develop the communication skills within your team?

Then Contact Mark – mark-hunter@bigpond.com

What Mark can help you with …………….


When your PURPOSE is to

And your AUDIENCE is

Board Presentation Market/Sell Internal
Public Presentation Inspire Public
Interview Persuade Superiors
Hard Conversations Gain a Promotion Panel
Developing Performance Develop Understanding Team Members
Managing Change Inform Co-Worker(s)
Gaining Commitment Instil Confidence Clients
Corporate/Public Interface Coach Employees
Professional Development Connect Government
Team Leadership Gain Commitment Private Sector


 And the Skills You Will Develop are:

Managing Nerves Effective use of Power Point Use of Stories in Leadership
Presentation Design Managing your Speaking Area Use of Humour
Effective use of Props Managing Q&A Managing your Message
Body Language, Vocals Coaching Achieve Deep Connection
Develop Feedback skills Speak Under Pressure Speech Design
Impromptu Speaking Effective Listening The Art of Conversation
Audience Engagement Story Telling Audience Influence


For your Conference, Dinner, or Seminar

Mark has a range of Keynote Topics he has used around the world, including

Managing Change                Adversity               Optimism                 The Leader as Coach

Education                    Disability                Organizational Climate

Journey to becoming World Champion            Leadership Skills                Public Presentation Skills           Effective Listening

Effective Body Language

Do you want a Keynote Speaker, then contact Mark